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2022 | MAY 

This poster is one of 10 posters for the upcoming "Future Submission" exhibition.
The theme is a representation of our future in 25 years. And deals with the pressing issues of our time and offers a glimpse into the future. The artwork should inspire and challenge the viewer to think about where we are going and what kind of world we want to create.

The exhibition is curated by three students:
 @lisa_panitz_design, @nourabadawyy, & @mahynourrelsawa

This project is also supported by drucken3000 ( Alexander Branczyk and Florian Haberstump), Posterrex ( Lars Harmsen and Markus Lange ), Metapaper and Riso Germany

Venue: Berlin, Cairo, Paris, Dortmund, Munich

Digital Illustration / Riso Print ( Neon Green, Black )


23 05 16 Post 3000 1.jpg
23 05 16 Post 3000 2.jpg
23 05 16 Post 3000 3.jpg
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