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Cuong Bui Manh is a Vietnamese IllustratorGraphic Designer and Shop Owner, who based in Berlin. He was born in Ninh Binh (Vietnam) 1997 and moved to Germany in year 2002. Growing up in a gastronomic family, he has worked in the kitchen since he was 12 years old. That never reduced his interest in art and design. So he decides to start 2017 a creative career, he studies Bachelor Illustration and graduate successfully in year 2020. At the end of 2022 he decided to open an art shop in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Cuongs Creative Market supports ( mostly ) local artists and illustrators with the distribution of their artworks.


Be part of his world! 

Available for commission, feel free to contact.

You can also find some artworks and projects on Instagram: @cuongillustrator or check our my art shop @cuongscreativemarket

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