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2023 | JAN – ?

Kitsune are fox spirits with supernatural abilities. The stories about the fox spirits have a thousand year old tradition. Much of the tale is about things like love, betrayal, magic, seduction, femininity and sexuality.

The most exciting stories for me were the narrative where the foxes turned into women and seduced men.

This served as a great inspiration for my new drawing series: KITSUNERATION

A new generation of seduction – Modern seduction.
What are the new forms that we cannot tear ourselves away from and what do we do with the means?

Whether something good or bad will happen, you never know at the beginning. It's just like the Kitsune-stories, it's not the fox spirit that does the "evil" or "bad" things, it's the person who gets seduced, the person who gets too low and can't resist - it's urself, who decides whether something can go wrong.

That's you who can be behind this mask.

24 01 26 Kitsuneration #001.jpg
24 01 26 Kitsuneration #002.jpg
24 01 26 Kitsuneration #003.jpg

Ink on Paper | DIN A3 29.7 x 42 cm

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