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2022 | MAR – AUG

Vietnam, a small country that has been confronted with war time and time again before and after independence, which means that there is a great deal of fascination in history. One of the many stories that still inspire me to this day is “The Legend of the Returned Sword”. A folk tale about the rise of the monarch and dynasty founder "Lê Lợi". He was the first monarch of the Lê Dynasty and Emperor of Vietnam from 1428 to 1433. In Vietnam he has always been considered a champion of Vietnamese independence.

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In the course of time, countless legends, sagas and tales arose about Lê Lợi.
Karl Horbol (author and publisher of Abentheuer Verlag) converted the folk tale "The Legend of the Returned Sword" into a fairy tale, which I illustrated and laid out, resulting in "Das Leuchtende Schwert".

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